Ruunaa Hiking Centre( Ruunaan retkeilykeskus)  is situated in the center of  Ruunaa recreational area in Lieksa, in the Eastern Finland, close to the Russian border.  The Lieksajoki (river) along which the center resides, originates in Russia and flows into the Pielinen waterway in Finland.  The Ruunaa rapids area contains seven rapids within a 16 km stretch.  Neitikoski is situated in the center of this stretch and is renowned for its current holes of variety of skill levels in which rapids enthusiasts paddle on a daily basis.  Paasikoski and Haapavitja rapids are located up-river, while the Kattilakoski, Murrookoski and Siikakoski rapids are located downriver.  

Within the Ruunaa area live bears, wolves, wolverines, wild deers, beavers, otters and other typical forest and waterway animals and bird species.

One can have a moving experience any time of the year at Neitikoski, enjoying the peace of nature and a multitude of activities. Over 50 km of well-marked hiking trails on the area. The trails are part of the Karhunpolku ( Bear Trail) network. Karhunpolku trail Patvinsuo- Ruunaa- Kuhmo total length 143 km.

The Lieksa watercourse takes in several rivers perfect for kayaks and canoes. You can begin your trip in the frontier zone and paddle right to Lake Pielinen (about 90 km)

We also offer fishing and Monastery (incl Kizhi Churches) excursions to Russian Karelia and and Lake Onega.

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